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While some people believe that there's nothing special about owning a horse, we all know horses are more than just animals; your horse is your soul mate, therapist, and teammate. You love your horse dearly and want to make sure they have everything they need. However, you might need some basic ideas on how best to take care of your equine friend. First off, every horse is unique and require their own personal attention based on their needs. Nevertheless, we've got some general guidelines you'll find useful when evaluating your horse's care.


Horse Grooming Basics

Learning to groom your equine friend is an essential and exciting task. It's an integral part of your relationship with your horse, seeing as it helps build a loving, long-lasting bond with your horse while also allowing you to check for any irregularities or injuries.

Before you start, ensure you have the correct horse grooming supplies and make the horse comfortable enough not to run off. Basic horse grooming usually entails cleaning your equine friend's hooves, eyes, ears, dock area, and muzzle. It also involves brushing off dirt from their bodies and combing out tangles in their mane. We'll regularly post content on how to carry out these grooming practices so that you can get acquainted with the process.

Horse Emergency Care

As a horse owner, you'll need to have emergency care equipment, such as a horse's vet wraps. It's also essential to know the natural functioning health traits of your horse and check its body temperature, respiration rate, and pulse rate. And the good news, you can easily check with a heart rate monitor and stethoscope or get an estimate by placing your fingers on your horse's large blood vessel located under their cheekbones.


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Horse Care: A Labor of Love

Horses are naturally grazing animals, but when stabled, they nibble on grass all through the day, especially while receiving a constant stream of water and fodder. Because horses can't regulate the amount of food they consume and will gorge on food if allowed to have lots of access to it, you've got to provide feed twice daily in measured intervals. Furthermore, ensure you also make available a sufficient supply of clean, fresh water.

Make sure your horse has a clean footing underneath if you keep your horse inside a stall. Don't allow waste or manure to build up, so it wouldn't ruin your horse's health and hooves or become a breeding place for flies. You must ensure to clean your horse's stall daily to protect your equine friend's health and happiness.

For some people, this may look like so much work. While we agree, it's too much work; however, it's one done with love for an individual that has always wanted to own a horse or pony. Caring for a horse entails learning how best to groom your horse and provide for their basic needs.

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