5 Exciting Games to Play with Your Dog

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We all know that a dog is a great company to have. Having a dog gives you a sense of belonging and increases your health. Owing to this, you must find fun and engaging ways to connect and deepen your relationship with your dog. And of course, the best way to strengthen your dog’s bond is to play games that will task your dog’s physical and mental ability.

You may be wondering what games are fitting for you and your dog. Frankly, there’s a ton. However, here are some of the best games that will challenge and engage both you and your dog. So, shall we?

1.  Play Chase

Playing chase with your dog is a great way to test your dog’s athletic prowess. If you are young and energetic, you can race with your dog or have him pursue you. For older folks, riding a bike down a hill and having your dog tail you can be so much fun. This game will make your dog come alive because dogs love games that test their speed.  Trust me on this one. You won’t get to win very often. However, your dog will love you for it, and it’s such a wonderful feeling to know.

2.  Play with a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is not only a great way to have fun with your dog, but it also builds your dog’s coordination and control. Flirt poles are easy to make, and you don’t need to stress much before you and your dog start playing, although you could always buy yourself one. With a single long pipe or stick, a bungee, and a dog toy, you are good to go. Tie the toy to the bungee, attach the bungee to the end of the pole, and you have a flirt pole. Too often, many people use an inelastic rope, which is not advisable because it’s not suitable for your dog’s neck. 

Besides, it’s a wise practice to allow your dog to catch the toy from time to time so that the game doesn’t become annoying to him.

3.  Play Billiards

It may come as a surprise to you, but you could teach your dog how to play billiards like a pro. Most people love this game because it reflects their ability to train a dog, as only a well-trained dog can play billiards. To do this, start by holding your dog’s paws and teaching it to strike the white ball to hit other balls into the table’s pockets. It may not be easy at first, but eventually, your dog will get the hang of it, and you can both play billiards whenever you want. If this game interests you, you’d need to make the right decision about the best tables, cue balls, and sticks that you and your dog can use to play at home.

4.   Hide and Seek

Want to explore your dog’s instinctive and detective side? Play hide and seek. Without a doubt, this game creates one of the most pleasurable moments for man and dog. It’s thrilling and exciting to hide away and watch your dog sniff you out. This game reassures you that your dog knows you and what you like and do. As you continue to play this game with your dog, it will begin to look for you in places that you’ve hidden in the past.  Another fun way to engage your dog is to hide dog toys in several places and tell your dog to find them. Always give your dog a good pat or rub when he finds a toy. But more importantly, give treats when they see an object that is difficult to find. It will reinforce the habit and make him eager to look for more.

5.  Tug of War

Dogs love to tug at things. Playing tug of war with your dog essentially signals a call for a challenge:  The challenge of who’s stronger.  It speaks of competition, and there’s nothing a dog loves more than a competition. However, there’s one crucial thing to note when playing tug with your dog. The moment your dog touches you with its teeth, you have to stop the game. It will prevent you from injuries that may result from playing tug. Plus, teaching your dog to stop when its teeth touch your skin is a great way to discipline it. For most people, their dog usually outmuscles them. Notwithstanding, if you are one strong specimen of a human, you may want to let your dog win the tug occasionally.

Also, you might want to disregard the erroneous notion that playing tug with your dog increases his tendency to be aggressive. That’s not true. On the contrary, it helps you train your dog to be more receptive and obedient to orders.


Man and dog have been companions since the inception of time. The bond humans share with dogs can add warmth and wholeness to any household. Therefore, you must find out ways to make this bond fuller and more profound. And the best way to this is to engage your dog in a fun and exciting games that boost your dog’s health and yours.

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