Frequently Asked Questions

The NYCLASS website is a one-stop place for any horse-related articles, mostly on horse care. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to care for and groom your horse.

No, the NYCLASS website isn’t subscription-based. However, you can partner with the organization in its fight to protect the horse’s rights by donating to the cause.

The website caters to both equine professionals and typical horse lovers. Our team of experts take their time to upload detailed and well-researched tips on taking care of your horse so both of you can have the best relationship.

How-to guides on caring for your horse, stabling, and feeding. You can also get quality content on horse grooming and how best to protect your horse.

Our Mission

At NYCLASS, we're devoted to protecting the horses and caring for them. We aim to provide quality content on horse grooming by sharing ideas and tips on how best to care for your horse. Due to our love for animals and their safety, NYCLASS participates actively in several important animal-related issues in New York City.

Our Vision

As the leading website for every horse-related articles and news, we aim to be a one-stop destination for all horse lovers, riders, and owners. We plan to continually publish content to help you know and understand your horse better so that you and your equine friend can live longer and happier.