Tragedy in Midtown


At approximately 8:30 AM Sunday, October 23rd, a horse driving a carriage collapsed and died on 54th Street. The horse had just left the stable on the way to Central Park.

The sudden death of any horse is very uncommon, and this death is a reminder of why we cannot allow carriage horses to work these harsh city streets any longer.

Now is the time for us to push the City Council to act on Intro 86. Please call the City Council members who haven’t committed to ending horse abuse yet, then let us know what they said.


Gale A. Brewer — (212) 873-0282
Margaret Chin — (212) 587-3159
Lewis A. Fidler — (718) 241-9330
Peter Koo — (718) 888-8747
Brad Lander — (718) 499-1090
Stephen Levin — (718) 875-5200
Joel Rivera — (718) 842-8100
Deborah Rose — (718) 556-7370
Eric Ulrich — (718)738-1083
Peter F. Vallone, Jr. — (718) 274-4500
Jimmy Van Bramer — (718) 383-9566
Mark Weprin — (718) 468-0137
Jumaane D. Williams — (718) 629-2900

SUGGESTED SCRIPT: Hello, my name is ________________. I’m calling because of the tragedy Sunday in Midtown where a carriage horse collapsed and died – I’d like to urge you to become a co-sponsor of Intro 86. This bill would replace horse carriages with antique replica electric cars and humanely retire the horses to sanctuaries.

(IF YES) Thanks so much for your support!

(FOR OPPONENTS) I urge you to reconsider. These horses are forced to endure 9 hour days in bitter cold and sweltering hot conditions. They breathe in harmful exhaust and pull heavy carriages. Then, they go home after their long shift to former tenement buildings where they are tied up in stalls that are far too small for them. These horses live half as long as regular horses. The sudden death of any horse is very uncommon, and this horse’s death was preventable. I urge you to reconsider your position.


Hello, my name is ________________. I’m calling in response to the horse that collapsed and died Sunday in Midtown, and to urge you to end the abuse of carriage horses in New York City by supporting Intro 86, a bill that phases out the carriage horse industry by replacing it with green replica classic cars. Carriages horses are forced to endure 9 hours days in the bitter cold, breathe harmful exhaust, and they live HALF as long as regular horses. That’s why it’s time to phase out the carriage horse industry. I hope you will support Intro 86. Thank you.

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