Pets Goes Viral for playing Ping pong

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I have played against many people ping pong, from in the best tables Stiga, the best table of ping-pong based from, until in tables of made wood, in-house, as it is to play with a human sometimes, it can be more comfortable, that to play with an animal.

I have seen many players at the best tables to play ping pong in tunes using all kinds of tables and rackets, we all have patterns, pressure, and things that can help another competitor to take advantage and win the game. Playing against an animal is different since he does not feel pressure, he has fun, in my case my cat was an expert especially inmates, I could never return one. Another aspect is its attributes as such, the reflexes and physical strength of an animal, sometimes give it an advantage, for example, the reactions of my cat were almost immediate, each ball that sent returned it, its feline reflexes allowed it to return almost any shot that I served, and all ended up being a point for him.

Other animals, can play this game, I saw a case like a dog in one of the best tables gave one of the best regional players beating, which, luckily never offered it in the official tournament. A score of 15-0 was the result of that game, the dog placing the racket in his muzzle hit the balls with such violence that each shot looked like a dunk, no matter where my friend put it, or what shot he made, from the left, volleys, direct, all hits were returned with the same power.

Another animal that plays very well in this sport is the monkey, the monkey for its high similarity to man can quickly grab the racket and play. Many will say that the monkey does not have enough intelligence to play. Perhaps, it has no strategy but does not have stress or tension. Also, the monkey can learn very fast about the sport just by looking at it, and its superior strength in the upper limbs and its great agility makes any ball sent to it end up being returned. Watching YouTube videos, I saw how in China, they were training a monkey to play; the result was that the disciple beat the teacher, he quickly hit his coach and without sweating.

As you can see, it does not matter which table it is in the best table in the world or a timetable. Animals have an advantage due to their instincts and natural abilities. Not having the competitive disadvantages of man such as pressure, stress frustration among others. Consider the fact that you can educate your pet to be your best opponent table tennis, if you had not considered it, do it, train him to help you, it is likely that he will later become your coach and help improve your skills in this sport.

In short, in this game as in many other animals, they can play better than man, it may sound strong or not, but it is really their animal capacities, they surpass many of ours, although we are more intelligent, sometimes, our emotions they can make us weaker than our home friends, my advice get a good tennis table or else, the best tennis table that you have available and train both, and you will have a great rival.

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