NYCLASS supports a full ban of horse carriages in New York City. We believe there are viable alternatives to carriage horses that will not only relieve the City government from its financial burden, but will also avoid the safety and quality of life issues caused by the horse carriages. However, achieving our long-term goal of a ban will take time and hard work. In the short term, the City needs to take immediate action to improve the safety of the horse carriages and protect passengers.

Over time, NYCLASS supports replacing horse carriages with “Green” replica classic cars. These cars can provide rides for tourists, offer jobs to workers currently in the horse carriage industry with the potential for higher wages, and maintain the historic and romantic feel of the tours.

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Horse carriages currently leave a foul odor in the area around where they park and cause health and sanitation concerns for passengers and residents. The City needs to implement and enforce strict sanitation laws that make the carriage industry clean up its act.

“Green” replica classic cars will not cause any sanitation or health concerns. Their hybrid-electric engines will allow the cars to run extremely efficiently and turn off when stopped, minimizing the exhaust they contribute to the air and eliminating the nauseating smell of the horse carriages. The replica cars will also be able to keep up with the pace of motor vehicle traffic, thus eliminating the large amounts of vehicle idling around Central Park and midtown Manhattan caused by the horse carriages. The use of the “green” replica classic cars fits perfectly with Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC initiatives of reducing global warming emissions by more than 30%, achieving the cleanest air of any big city in America, and reaching a full “state of good repair” for the City’s infrastructure.


The slow-moving horse carriages increase traffic congestion on busy City streets and spooked horses can cause life-threatening accidents. The City should take immediate action to require Carriage drivers to hold the same insurance policies as pedi-cabs. This insurance will protect the carriage industry, passengers and other drivers in case of an accident.

Replica classic cars will have the ability to drive at the same speeds as other cars, limiting the traffic congestion they cause. In addition, they will eliminate the chance of spooked horses causing dangerous traffic situations.


A recent audit by the New York City Comptroller reported that City agencies do not do an adequate job of assuring the safety and well-being of the horses involved in the horse carriage industry. While horse carriages remain on the streets, the City must consistently monitor the industry to prevent the horses from getting injured and the carriages from breaking during tours.

The replica classic cars will not only be more sanitary and less disruptive than horse carriages, they will also be significantly safer for drivers, passengers and others in the surrounding area. The replacement of horses with cars will prevent spooked horses from darting into traffic or tipping over carriages, avoiding many of the injuries and deaths related to the current industry. The wheels, similar to standard car wheels, will not create ruts in the streets that are dangerous for joggers and cyclists. In addition, since no animals will be involved in the industry, there will be no need to worry about inhumane treatment as with the carriage horses

NYCLASS will rescue all carriage horses and place them on farms and other similar suitable sanctuaries to be recuperated to their natural, healthy capacity and live out the remainder of their lives.

An Economic Benefit

The replacement of the horse carriage industry with a clean, livable and safe alternative – “green” replica classic cars – will provide the City with much needed revenue in a time of financial instability. The use of the meters and the ability to accept payment via credit and debit cards as well as cash will increase the number of residents and tourists who use the service and will create a profitable state of coexistence between the industry and the City. This initiative has already been successfully implemented in San Francisco, and promises to be even more successful in New York City – the tourism capital of the United States.

NYCLASS needs your help to get the City Council to pass a law banning carriage horses from New York’s streets and replacing them with profitable, safe and stately replica classic cars. Please visit our Take Action page to get involved.

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